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The Beauty Of Attic Energy Shield – You Don’t See Or Hear It...You Feel It.
Unlike space heaters, fans, air conditioning units and piles of blankets, the Attic Energy Shield provides a more constant and comfortable temperature without disturbing your home décor. By using reflective technology, Attic Energy Shield creates a "Radiant Barrier" in your home's attic. In Winter, normally heat escapes through your "regular" attic insulation. Working symbiotically with your existing insulation, the radiant barrier reflects the heat back down into your home helping you stay warmer and use less energy to heat your home. In Summer, the intense heat of the sun is reflected back up away from your home so it stays cooler and uses less energy for air conditioning your home.

Feel The Comfort All Year Long.
Instead of avoiding your favorite room when it becomes too hot or too cold, reclaim your lost living space with the Attic Energy Shield. By reflecting the harsh outdoor temperatures of both Winter and Summer, providing a pleasant indoor environment, the Attic Energy Shield wraps a comfort shield around your family and guests, adding a nice touch of ambience and comfort to your home. Contact Illinois Energy Windows & Siding to get a FREE Estimate for Attic Energy Shield.

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